Coffee drinks

Have you already got to know all the coffee specialties? Why not study this page at your leisure first to see what you would like to try next.

We offer all coffee drinks in two sizes: Normal and Large.

For all coffee drinks with milk, we always use fresh whole milk. But of course, you can also get your favorite coffee with low-fat milk, lactose-free milk or with soy milk.

Coffee drinks Description
Kontor coffee Mug of freshly brewed coffee, 100% Arabica, strong
Coffee Crema Cup coffee 100% Arabica
Latte Coffee Crema, 100% Arabica, milk, milk foam
Espresso Classic
Espresso Macchiato Espresso with a hood of milk foam
Cappuccino Foamed milk, espresso
Caffè Latte Espresso, foamed milk, in glass
Latte Macchiato Milk, a little espresso, a lot of milk foam, in a glass
Caramel Macchiato Milk, vanilla, espresso, milk foam, caramel topping, in cup
Caramel latte Milk, caramel sauce, a little espresso, milk foam, caramel topping, in a glass.
Vanilla latte Milk, French vanilla, some espresso, milk foam, brittle, in a glass
Mocha Macchiato Chocolate sauce, milk, espresso, milk foam, in glass
White Macchiato White chocolate sauce, milk, espresso, milk foam, in glass
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